Clarium, through its Esperti di Gestione dell'Energia (EGE [i.e. Energy Management Experts]), ISO 11339:2008 certified, supports Big Companies, as identified in Legislative Decree 102/2014, in the arrangement of Energy Audit.

In addition to this, Clarium helps Clients who wish to qualify as Energy-consuming in IT procedures for obtaining Energy-consuming qualification, as well as in all interlocution activities with Cassa per i Servizi Energetici ed Ambientali (CSEA [i.e. Energy and Environmental Services Fund]).

Clarium works independently in the burden of audit on the ENEA portal and can support the company over the years, guaranteeing the updating of the audit to the changed production conditions, producing the documentation that the legislation requires.

Clarium, can assist the company in the process of energy efficiency of its process, as well as carry out energy management activities.

Energy Audit Ex. D. Lgs 102/2014 - Matter

The D. Lgs 102/2014 indicated the minimum contents that the Audit must have, the same are contained in Annex 2 of the Decree itself:

  • they are based on updated, measured and traceable energy consumption operational data and on load profiles;
  • they include a detailed examination of the energy consumption profile of buildings or groups of buildings, of industrial activities or plants, including transport;
  • where possible, they are based on the analysis of the life cycle cost, rather than on simple depreciation periods, to take into account long-term savings, residual values of long-term investments and discount rates;
  • they are proportional and sufficiently representative to allow to trace a true picture of the overall energy performance and to identify the most significant opportunities for improvement
  • CLARIUM’s support for Energy-consuming companies and for those that could become part of them

  • The term Energy-consuming refers to those companies which, due to consumption, ATECO code and turnover enjoy a reduction in system charges.

    Face of a pre-verification for the new companies or of a verification of the data for the companies already recognized as Energy-consuming, CLARIUM can support the company in the IT procedures for recognition, as well as in all the activities of dialogue with CSEA.

    Only companies who, following accreditation and subsequent qualification activities, are registered in the list of Energy-consuming companies published on the IT portal of the Energy and Environmental Services Fund (CSEA) are allowed to reduce system charges.

    The inclusion in the list of CSEA is annual, therefore it is necessary to proceed with the verification, registration and data entry activities every year in order to be able to access the reduction of charges.

    A further obligation for companies recognized as Energy-consuming is the preparation of an energy audit pursuant to D. Lgs 102/2014 and its update. The audit must be sent to ENEA.

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