• Clarium came into being from the desire to transfer into medium-sized enterprises a combination of high profile expertise with the goal of:

     supporting and accelerating the development of the entrepreneurial structure which forms the main base of the Italian economy, helping entrepreneurs to seize the opportunity of innovation and growth by encouraging interaction between industrial operators and the financial partners

     managing, alongside the internal structure, high value-added projects, providing skilled professionals with extensive operational experience

CLARIUM assists the entrepreneur with intervention methods designed for the operational requirements of the business. Our professionals have a direct knowledge of local industries and specific expertise in:

 Business strategy
 Economic-financial planning
 Corporate finance
 Management control
 Process analysis and optimisation of the technology and computer systems
 Fiscal matters and taxation

Strategy and management

We support our clients in the reorganisation of control systems, the redefinition and optimisation of industrial processes and the implementation of management control.

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Corporate finance

We carry out consulting activities in the field of corporate finance standing by the Client in the optimisation of their own financial structure.

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In this context we stand by the Client in resolving ordinary and extraordinary energetic problems. The model of intervention provides a constant dialogue with the Client as well as with working sessions at the company too.

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We assist banks, leasing companies and industries in defining the economic significance and some sensitive parameters related to assets of evaluation.

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