Clarium supports the entrepreneur with intervention methods customised to the operational needs of the enterprise. Our professionals have direct knowledge of the local industrial structure and have specific expertise in:

  • Business strategy
  • Economic/Financial planning
  • Corporate finance
  • Marketing strategy
  • Process analysis and optimisation of the information systems

For both the business and the entrepreneur, Clarium has two highly valued components:


  •  Knowledge of the managerial structure, of local situations and associated problems
  •  Team of skilled professionals with experience of market leading operators (Hopa, Gruppo Lucchini, Fin-Eco Leasing, Gruppo Phoenix, Amplifon, IBM among others)
  •  Top management expertise developed in large multinational groups (Scott Paper, Danone, San Pellegrino…)


  •  Established relationships with brokers and business associations in the area
  •  Relations with solid financial and banking partners (private equity funds and banks)
  •  Privileged access to certain investor funds

Strategy and management

We support our clients in the reorganisation of control systems, the redefinition and optimisation of industrial processes and the implementation of management control.

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Corporate finance

We carry out consulting activities in the field of corporate finance standing by the Client in the optimisation of their own financial structure.

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In this context we stand by the Client in resolving ordinary and extraordinary energetic problems. The model of intervention provides a constant dialogue with the Client as well as with working sessions at the company too.

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We assist banks, leasing companies and industries in defining the economic significance and some sensitive parameters related to assets of evaluation.

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