The activities of Clarium are focused on assisting clients in determining the market value of immoveable property, capital goods, business and intangible assets according to autonomous and independent criteria.

In particular, Clarium assists banking firms, leasing companies and industrial companies in determining the economic values and some parameters sensitively bound up with asset valuation.

  • Property evaluation
  • Building Compliance Assessment
  • Evaluation of real estate as collateral for the credit operations
  • Evaluation of NPL (Non Performing Loans) with covered warrant.
  • Evaluation of purchase assets fairness of capital goods in leasing operations
  • Determination of the useful life of the asset
  • Evaluation of the level of substitutability
  • Estimation of the asset remarketing value
  • Evaluation for capital purpose of the corporate assets.
  • Fair value valuation
  • Intangible asset valuation (trademarks, patents, Goodwill, Know-how…)
  • Party-appointed valuation for damages

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